Security Guard Patrol Techniques

Patrolling is an essential part of any law enforcement employee's duties. The basic functions of patrol are to prevent crime by identifying and reporting on conditions, to deter crime by showing an area is fully covered by an officer and to repress crime by direct action if needed.

Methods of Patrol- Patrol techniques depend much on what method of transportation is utilized. Foot patrol method is useful for the gathering of information function of patrolling, as well as the public assistance/relations function. Officers patrolling in a motorcycle or car required is the area to be covered is large.

Preparation for Patrol- A security guard should always be prepared for patrol mentally and physically. They must keep alert despite the occasional tedium of patrolling.

Conducting a Safe Patrol- A security guard on patrol should never round a corner too close to the wall, as a criminal may jump him from that vantage point. He should stay to the side in parking garages and small streets to avoid speeding cars. He should avoiding walking into enclosed dark areas; he should first sweep his flashlight over the space. An officer should always call for backup if needed.

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