Security Tips for Security Guards

1.   Plan Ahead - As a security guard, you need to be prepared for any eventuality. So, plan ahead: take notice of where the exits are, and how fast they can be reached from different spots; if you work as part of a security team, be sure you all work on a plan together for all viable risks.

2.   Get to know your environment - To perform at your best, you should learn the ins and outs of your setting. Walk your patrol routes on quieter periods to familiarize yourself with any obstructions, stairways, doors & exits, and safety hazards.

3.   Avoid faulty equipment - While your training is a key factor in your own safety, your equipment also plays a vital role in your everyday work. You should avoid using damaged or unsuitable equipment whenever possible.

4.     Check any and all vehicles in your control - Depending on the type of security work you provide, you may need to drive from time to time. Take note of any damage which may affect vehicles performance; and make sure the headlights and brake lights work as they should. You should also make sure mirrors and seats can be adjusted safely to accommodate your needs.

5.   Know your limits - While people depend on you for safety and security, you should never put yourself in danger unless absolutely unavoidable. You need to observe and assess situations thoroughly before you make a decision.

Be sure you have security accessories supporting you - Regardless of the environment you work in, make sure all the items you need to support you are present: CCTV cameras; radios; alarms; working phones; in-ear radios for plain-clothes patrols; and hidden cameras on your uniform, if needed.

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