Segments and Importance of Private Security Services Core segments include:-

  • Legal aspects, Fire protection, Crisis management
  • Disaster management, Counterterrorism
  • Emergency and contingency planning, Competitive intelligence
  • Executive protection violence at the workplace, Crime prevention
  • Security architecture and engineering, Security audit
  • Infrastructure security, Personnel security, Information systems security
  • Investigations, Loss prevention, Risk management, IPR

As per Abraham Maslow, a renowned psychologist

"The second most important need after food and shelter is the need for protection and security. That
comes even before the need for love, social esteem and self growth. Believe it or not; ask yourself and
you'll know it's true."

The private security industry is a crucial component of security and safety in the world. Today, private security is responsible not only for protecting the nation's property and critical infrastructure systems, but also for protecting intellectual property and sensitive information. In the present scenario, many countries rely on the private security services for a wide range of functions including protecting employees and property, conducting investigations, performing background verification, providing information technology security and many other functions. These services are used in a wide range of markets, from commercial to resident. Some companies hire their own security personnel, whereas others contract with security firms for these services or use a mix of services- both proprietary and contract staff.

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