Use of CCTV Cameras to Prevent Suicide Attempts

The government has decided to install a CCTV network of 420 cameras, and a state-of-the art control and command room, at the three-building complex of Maharashtra’s administration headquarters in Mumbai. The surveillance system will go live after chief minister inaugurates it. The Mantralaya administration installed safety nets in the atrium of the building. After a spate of suicide attempts at Maharashtra’s administration headquarters in Mumbai, Mantralaya, over the past few months, the government has decided to beef up vigilance and security by installing CCTV cameras. These CCTV cameras setup will be monitored through a command and control room at the ground floor of the main building,” said an official from the home department. “The network has various types of cameras, including pan-tilt-zoom cameras, fitted at prime locations in Mantralaya. The cameras will cover almost all the corners of the three buildings,” the official added. The network will help us identify and monitor suspicious movements by visitors, or unwarranted gatherings inside the building.

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