Areas to Consider When Placing Your Security Checkpoints

Establishing the checkpoints in the optimal locations plays a key role in efficient guard tour management. There are several key locations you’ll want to mark with checkpoints to ensure your guards properly check those areas. Some of the most common areas are mentioned below, regardless of the industry that can cause problems and raise concerns on a property.

  •          Each client has their own specific priorities and problem areas, whether that’s securing the assets, their staff, equipments, warehouses etc. Establishing priorities is important because you’ll able to deliver much better service if guards can just hit the key areas on the property rather than creating too many checkpoints.

  •          Undoubtedly, the customer has a great deal of understanding about their own property. But there are high risk and liability areas that you, as a security expert, understand the threats better than the customer. Setting up checkpoints at those locations and explaining their importance to the client positions you as the expert and demonstrates your value.

  •       Some of the common interior and exterior checkpoints include entry & exit gate,      elevators, stairways, the building itself, storage structures, blind spots, parking lots  etc. Not all of these will apply to every account, but a regular check is required for some specific areas.

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