L-G Panel Recommendation- “ Public CCTV will control by Police not by Delhi Govt”

The installation of CCTV cameras in Delhi proves a major step to improve the security and safety of the citizens. As per data collated from multiple authorities, Delhi already has at least 2.5 lakh CCTVs in public spaces. Recently, a committee formed by L-G recommended that the Delhi Police will be the custodian of the CCTV cameras installed in public areas in the national capital. Panel also recommended that the “appropriate authority” on installation, operation and monitoring of CCTVs in Capital will be the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Licensing), while warning that any violation will invite “punitive action”.

The panel was tasked with framing SOPs and regulatory framework related to installation, operation, monitoring and other issues concerning CCTVs in public places. The “purpose, number of devices, location of the CCTV’s and such other important details, including the manner of usage, handling and storage of data or information through the system” will have to be disclosed to the police in a detailed form, which is also part of the rules. This is required to strike a balance between security and right to privacy, right to life and property through regulation of CCTVs.

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