Response/Role of Security Guard in case of Fire Outbreak

Fire detection and fire prevention is a main part security guard’s duties and responsibilities. They need to watch for common things that are likely to generate a fire. While patrolling or maintaining the post, a security guard has to keep a watch on potential fire hazards. Unusual sparks, storing combustible or flammable items and fire from electrical equipment etc. should be taken into account.

When there is smoke, fire alarm indications or any other sign of fire, the security guard has to confirm the event of fire. Once the security guard has visually confirmed a fire outbreak, he will have to activate the alarm if it is not ringing already. He will then have to call the fire department. This is not enough; a security guard should make calls to the supervisor to inform about the situation. A security guard has to follow the employer’s emergency procedures. These procedures will include directing the people to the closest emergency exit. He should work along with the other security guards to ensure personal safety, while waiting for the emergency services. It is always best for security guards to have a plan ready which they can execute at the time of fire outbreak.

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