Roles and Responsibilities of Armed Security Guards

An armed security guard is an individual who has a #license for carrying #arms such as #guns and revolvers, and uses them if the need arises. Armed security #officers perform many of the same #duties as other security guards, such as #patrolling, #surveilling, and ensuring general safety and order. But because these officers are armed, they undergo significant training that includes knowledge of firearms, #protocols for use, and a #firearm permit. Roles and Responsibilities of Armed Security Guard:-

  • Comprehend the essence of working as a security guard by delving deep into what or who #needs to be #protected
  • Remain alert so that any unauthorized personnel do not get a chance to violate security codes
  •  Provide #protection to armored cars #transporting valuables such as #cash, #jewelry and antique items between destinations
  • Provide escort services to important people or for sensitive information or items such as documents and valuables
  • Patrol assigned areas and ensure that any suspicious activities are looked into and provided resolutions for
  • Examine doors, windows and #gates to ensure that they conform to security protocols and report any problems to the #supervisor
  • Keep an eye out for irregularities, including security breaches, safety hazards and emergency situations
  • Operate security equipment such as security #alarms, video #cameras, body scanners and #fire equipment as and when situations demand it

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