Some of the Effective Crowd Control Techniques

  1. Wayfinding Optimization - A frequent visitor to an establishment or venue will feel comfortable finding their way. But newcomers are simply unfamiliar with what’s what and what’s where. Design and optimize your wayfinding approach for the first-timer. Wayfinding is enhanced with directional and informational signage to make the way clear.
  2.  Queue Management - Waiting in line can cause tension among a large group of impatient, tired, or excited people, crowd control issues can easily arise if queuing is not handled properly. Distraction is always a good solution to help people forget that they’re waiting. So if possible offer in-line entertainment and if you’re anticipating heavy or rowdy crowds, consider barriers that are not easily shifted, moved, or toppled
  3. Temporary Closures – Inevitably there will be sections or areas of a facility that need to be closed off, whether for routine maintenance, cleaning, or renovation. It’s crucial to make sure a temporary shift is clearly marked and that alternate routes are offered. Signage combined with physical barriers, such as wall-mounted retractable belts, post and panel barricades, swing gates, provide a clear message to deter crowds from going where they shouldn’t.
  4.  Customer Flow Management - It’s essential to have solutions in place throughout your entire facility so people continue to move in the right direction whether they’re coming in, going out, or making their way around inside. Velvet ropes, Belts and stanchions with post-top signage and banners can be used to guide the crowd.
  5.   Perform a Risk Evaluation - There is always a risk of something undesirable occurring in big events. Review all the possible scenarios in which something terrible may occur and have a perfect plan for it. As part of a risk assessment, instruct staff to make sure that every venue exits are unobstructed at all times.

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