Tips to Write Incident Report

Writing incident reports are an important part of most security guard jobs.  Thus, Security guards or security officer should know how to make an incident report. Most employers will provide some kind of template to base your report on.  This will make it a lot easier and the more incident reports you do the faster you will get at it. Here is some easy steps guide as an example of how to collect the most vital information about any incident:
  1. Employ Common Language - When writing your incident report, try to avoid using fancy jargon when possible, because some people don’t understand a complicated police lingo, so in opposite use only a common English term to be understandable to various types of people.
  2. Find the Facts - Report must be based on facts and circumstances. You may not able to say that a suspect is guilty of stealing unless you have evidence to present it.  So, in your incident report, it is important to be objective rather than subjective.
  3. 5 Ws and an H - Who, what, when, where, why, and how – these should all be part of your incident report. If you are missing one of these then your report is not complete.
  4. Formatting - Don’t turn your incident report into one long paragraph that will be difficult to get through.  Make sure you use paragraphs so that the reader will know when you are presenting facts about something new.  You can even use bullet points or numbered lists if they seem appropriate.
  5. Take Pictures or Video as evidence - Some security companies provide camera intended for any untoward incident, so if you are able to take as many photographs then do it. Photos and videos are the references and additional factual information you may use as evidence.

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