What is Chief Security Officer?

A Chief Security Officer is the highest-level executive directly responsible for an organization's entire security function. A CSO is the executive whose ultimate role is to ensure that an organization's security function adds value and gives it a competitive advantage. CSOs are responsible for enhancing and improving overall security of an organization. They must identify organizational protection goals and objectives, ensuring they're consistent with their organizations' strategic plans. In large corporations, chief security officers may provide both physical and information security.

When an organization/corporate worry less about security vulnerabilities all around them, they operate more smoothly. And a CSO plays a major role within an organization to help forge strong and secure connections between departments. He leads the entire team of security with a planned strategy. A CSO is accountable to management in case of any security related threats and emergencies. He might also perform tasks related to risk assessment, crisis management, personnel safety and facility security. So as the title “Chief Security Officer” reflects a complete set of responsibilities to ensure smooth working of an organization in safe & secure environment.

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