Body Language for Security Professionals

A security professional must not only understand how to utilize the various tools of the trade, but must also understand body language that ensures maintenance of control and authority, even in a challenging situation.

  1. Balanced Positioning of the Body - Security personnel need to avoid looking stiff. Although a solid, erect stance is recommended, the overall presentation must be balanced. The stance is upright, but relaxed.
  2. Eye Contact - When addressing an individual, a security professional maintains consistent eye contact. Appropriate eye contact for a security professional is not a constant lock on the eyes of another but something altogether more moderate.
  3. Smooth and Fluid Movements - Smooth, fluid movements demonstrate control and deliberation. Jerky movements convey a lack of confidence and unease in a particular situation. Jerky movements convey the prospect that a person does not have decent control over his or her self.
  4. Open Posture - A security professional needs to maintain an open posture to command attention and control a situation. For example, a security professional should not cross his or her arms and hands in across the stomach or chest area. People actually instinctively cross their arms when they are angry or are attempting to protect themselves from some sort of threat.


Why Fire Safety is Important in Hospitals?

Most fire-related hazards are caused due to carelessness and improper handling of goods or equipment’s. One of the places where it is difficult to evacuate people in case of a fire breakout is a hospital. Evacuating people from hospitals during a fire hazard is challenging because it involves moving patients who are immobile and are unable to help themselves.

A strong building code with features for reduction of fire hazards is important for all structures, but it is more so for hospitals since they host people who are incapacitated and cannot be evacuated quickly. Hospitals stack a lot of combustible materials like chemicals, cylinders, surgical equipment, etc. And many hospitals also have an inbuilt kitchen or canteen. By ensuring fire safety in hospitals, we can prevent fire accidents. A fire accident may have a lot of casualties as the fire may become uncontrollable in minutes. So, every hospital must have well-planned exit ways and well-maintained firefighting equipment to avoid casualties and damage to assets.


Advanced Surveillance and Traffic Management System in Gurugram and Manesar

NEC Technologies India (NECTI) has been awarded a contract for installing CCTV surveillance and traffic management systems in Gurugram City. Under the project, selected locations in Gurugram will be fitted with a variety of CCTV cameras to perform traffic enforcement and general surveillance across 115 sectors of Gurugram and Manesar.

To support the implementation of a comprehensively integrated video surveillance system, NECTI will set up IP-based outdoor security cameras across various identified locations in the city. The system will monitor traffic junctions and other sensitive areas to identify traffic offenders and issue alarms. Subsequent e-challans (electronic fines) can be issued to offenders who are captured flouting traffic rules with the help of these systems.

In the first phase of the project, approximately 1,200 High Definition (HD) and Ultra High Definition (UHD) cameras are expected to be deployed in over 200 traffic junctions, sending video feeds to monitoring centers 24 hours a day. Cameras deployed in key selected locations will be equipped with facial recognition technology featuring NeoFace Watch, NEC's flagship facial recognition software platform, to identify persons of interest and other suspicious elements to support law enforcement efforts.


Gujarat High Court directs govt to install CCTVs in schools

The Gujarat High Court on the PIL of Mr Deepak Dhakana and Mahesh Kumar Patel, has directed the state government to work out a mechanism for installation of CCTV cameras in schools across the state to ensure better quality education and prevent crime against children on a petition filed by Mr. Deepak Dhakana and Mahesh Kumar Patel to prohibit crime against children and their safety in schools. Children are still not safe, especially after several incidents of violence and sexual abuse of children in schools were reported from across the country. The direction came from the division bench of Acting Chief Justice AS Dave and Justice Biren Vaishnav. The state is asked to chalk out a mechanism for installation of CCTVs in all schools. The court directed the Govt. to file an affidavit clarifying the mechanism as well as the information on how many schools have already installed CCTV cameras how many schools are still devoid of the security measure. The same order should be implemented in all States to secure the FUTURE OF BHARAT.


Guard Dog

Dogs aren’t just man’s best friend- they’re also our best protection against intruders, and a fantastic alternative to having multiple guards manning site. Security Dog is perfect for premises where a site is not easily available, such as container yards, industrial-estates and high-racked warehouses are typical areas in which a dog can detect intruders unsighted to a single patrol. 

1. Premises covering large areas which need to be ‘swept’ frequently and diligently, such as schools, athletic stadiums and parks. 

2. In areas of high risk to patrols operating alone where there are high levels of crime such as unmanned parking, pedestrians walk away at night or well-known gang areas, vacant properties, rail and construction sites and industrial areas. 

3. Interacting with employees, customers and the general public, means they are effective at events for crowd control and safety sweeps. 

4. Works effectively as an additional layer to our enforcement services in the removal of unauthorized personnel for any premise, vacant or other.