Standard of Physical fitness for Security Guard

As per guidelines of PSARA, security agency shall not employ or engage any person as a security guard or supervisor unless he is eligible to be so employed or engaged. A person shall be eligible if he fulfill the standard of physical fitness as mentioned below:-
  • Height and Weight should be according to standard table of height and weight;
  • Shall have a clear vision with or without corrective lenses and shall not have such low vision as to render him unfit for duty of a supervisor or guard;
  • Hearing shall be free from defect and he shall be able to hear and respond to the spoken voice and the alarms generated by security devices;
  • The candidate shall have dexterity and strength to perform searches, handle objects and use force for restraining individuals in case of need; and
  • A candidate shall be free from evidence of any contagious or infectious disease. He shall not be suffering from any disease, which is likely to render him unfit for service or endanger the health of the public;
  • Every guard must undergo a medical examination after every two years during its working period.
  • The guard shall produce the medical fitness certificate from an authorized medical officer and the Form for fitness shall be such as may be approved by the Controlling Authority.

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